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The Equinox Experience

The Equinox Experience, took place on 12 March 2017, in Santo Stefano Al Ponte in Florence, Italy.  A magical, immersive experience conceived by Andrea Bigiarini of The New Era Museum, it took place on the night of the full moon. 

Immersed into giant size projections accompanied by the live music of Marco Testoni, the audience was invited to enter into the visions of talented artists of the Mobile Photography movement. 

Twenty selected works were also exhibited in the cloister of the deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano Al Ponte.

My artwork “Dissolving” was part of The Equinox Experience exhibition - “Balancing The Opposites With Mobile Art” - and I was very grateful to be able to attend the vernissage as well as the amazing immersive experience.  

I am including here a wonderful youtube video about the evening, followed by a transcript in English done by Elizabeth Genovesi. 




Marco Testoni:

The instruments I played are called Handpan. They are percussion instruments which emit notes allowing one to compose with these wonderful instruments. Their roots came from far away: from the Caribbean the steel drum, that they make from metal barrels. Instead these Handpans are a derivation from Europe, being a bit richer, with more harmony, with more sound, these are the instruments.

Roberto Fiorini:

The Equinox Experience is absolutely in sync with that of the mission of Cross Media. Cross Media is the producer and distributer of The Klimt Experience. From the name of the firm, chosen by our president Federico Dalgas, one can presume, that we believe in the mixing of various forms of art and communication, as we believe that man is disposed to the traditional and vice versa. Both march in one direction which is that of the future.

Andrea Bigiarini:

A perfect mix between cinema, television and museum. There isn’t that distance between art and audience, which is usually present in museums. So this new form was found for doing shows for photography. It is the only mode one has to see things in detail.


Marco Testoni:

I personally work in cinema and television and create music for these images. I can’t imagine music without images behind it.

I think that video mapping in a particular mode can revolutionize the relationship between music and images because there is the possibility to see the image, spacialized, that enwraps, enfolds you. Awhile ago I spoke with Peter Greenway, the English director and he said the future of cinema is in the possibility to see not only from the central seat of the cinema but to have it all around you, that which engages the audience in 360 degrees of the image. Video mapping is perfect in this sense. It seems to me the future is this. 

After all one sees the success they have had with projects like the Klimt Experience and the Equinox Experience.



Noun Al Neswa 4th edition

The Marsam Mattar Gallery is a hidden gem in the heart of Dubai.

Situated in Al Hudaiba, it was founded by renowned Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej. Attached to the gallery is the recently opened Sketch Art Cafe and the More than Art Training Centre. The gallery’s tranquil setting and outdoor facilities invite the visitor to spend time there, taking in the art before sharing coffee and chatting with friends. 

To nurture the creativity of the youth, the centre will provide training courses for children in all aspects of art, and has fully equipped presentation rooms as well as an art supplies store. 

Noun Al Neswa is an annual exhibition held in the Marsam Mattar Gallery. It is for female artists and this year’s edition showcased the work of 22 participating artists from various fields. 

As one of the participating artists, I was honored to be able to show five of my iPhoneography artworks on wood at the exhibition.


The opening evening on 11 May 2015 was a great success as artists and guests mingled, admiring works and sharing stories.

I had met the Saudi artist, Noor Hisham Al Saif, that morning in the gallery. New bonds of friendship were formed. The two of us were fortunate enough to have Mattar bin Lahej sit with us over coffee in the cafe, sharing stories of his career as an artist and giving us advice about the art world.


Opposite me in the gallery that evening was friend Farah Al Balooshi.  It has been a pleasure to get to know Farah.  The two of us were delighted when Khalil Abdul Wahid, head of Visual Arts at Dubai Culture and Arts Authority spent some time chatting to us. Khalil is responsible for promoting the culture and arts of Dubai internationally. 


Khalil later posted this pic on Instagram which gives a lovely overview of the opening reception. 


Beside family and friends from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, also present at the opening was a group of at least 20 instagrammers from the IgersDubai community.  It meant a lot to me to have them come along to support the evening.  


More photos of the evening can be seen in the album shared on my facebook page

The exhibition has been extended until 5 June 2015.  The Marsam Mattar Gallery is located at Villa 21, 4B Street, Al Hudaiba 322, Dubai. 


Huna Al Emarat in the Gallery of Light

The exhibition “Huna Al Emarat”, meaning Here UAE or This is UAE, opens to the public today in the Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates.

It was a privilege, as one of the Mobipixuae members participating, to be present at the preview last night. 

The exhibition, which will run from 10th-16th February 2015, takes the form of a collective memoir which reflects the past decade in the UAE and the evolution which has taken place in that period. Painting, photography, sculpture and video are featured. Artists taking part include Mattar bin Lahej, Ammar Al Attar, Khalil Abdulwahid, Camille Mallat, Nour Sokhon and Mobipixuae. The  exhibition also showcases design works by Caravan, and presents publications including Brusselssprout and WTD. 

The evening was a great success and Ductac can certainly be proud. There was a distinct sense of camaraderie as the artists mingled willingly with all the guests present, sharing information and stories about their works.   

Two works in particular spoke very strongly to me. 

The first was the installation, False Ceiling, from Caravan.  It was originally installed in a traditional courtyard house in the heart of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in Dubai, being suspended by helium inflated balloons which enabled it to wave freely as it was exposed to the elements. The need for shelter, often seen as a basic need for human life, is brought into question, and the viewer is encouraged to embrace the challenges of life.

I have long been following the exquisite sculptures of Mattar bin Lahej, and the piece on show was a delight to behold.  Ensihar or Fusion, is an installation made in stainless steel. It has a diameter of two meters and its form, spheres, curves and Arabic calligraphy depict the pearl. Light reflecting onto the verses from the Holy Quran at different angles add to the incredible movement present in the piece. Heritage and present day culture merge.    

The concept and depiction of movement is very strong in all Mattar’s pieces and I resonate very strongly with this. One of the highlights of the evening for the Mobipixuae members was when he came over to our installation to discuss our images with us. 


(More photos from the evening can be viewed here)

The exhibition, presented by CBRE to coincide with the firm’s 10th anniversary in the Middle East, is open daily from 9am to 10Pm, Gallery of Light, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, 04 341 4777, www.ductac.org