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"Here" has always had connotations of both space and time, pointing to a particular location or a particular moment.

Thanks to technology, where we are meeting right now is a special place and a special moment. Cyber space and time surpass previously experienced dimensions. We are not separated by distance, and time zones do not hinder our encounter.

Your "here" meets my "here" in a dimension I have chosen to call "here2here".

In the days of roll call, "here" was meant to indicate presence. here2here is an acknowledgement of we-presence in a very special we-space.

here2here suggests connectivity and hints at interconnectedness.

here2here is a call to acknowledge the other, to broaden our perspectives and widen our embrace.

It is a call for heart and a plea for compassion.

Because we often think we are present but are actually acting on auto-pilot, here2here is also a call to become mindful of the present moment and all it contains.

While here2here suggests mobility, it is also meant to imply that there is actually nowhere to go and that all is already as it should be.

All these concepts will be explored through word and image, with the intention of promoting a shared vision of diversity within unity.