A keen observer of life and culture, a lover of travel and an avid reader and writer, Linda Hollier is currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, after spending four years in Dubai. 

Born in South Africa, she graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BA degree, majoring in English and Mathematics, and a Higher Education Diploma.

She lived in Germany for a period of almost ten years, during which time she did voluntary work in a hospice.

A promoter of mindfulness, she is a member of IMISA, the Institute for Mindfulness South Africa.

Brought up in the Christian tradition, she was introduced to the eastern traditions by the writings of Thomas Merton and Wayne Teasdale. The works of Ken Wilber radically altered her outlook on life. She attempts to live a life which is integral and previously had a blog on the Integral Life Website.

One of her first wishes as a child was to own a camera, and to this day, she enjoys capturing moments that strike her as she goes about her day.

Her love of photography and art has merged with her interest in technology. She creates artwork on her iphone and is excited to be involved in this new and revolutionary art movement. Her artwork can be viewed on LindArt

Here is her most recent Instamuseum:

Instamuseum for @lindahollier by lindahollier on Sketchfab