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The Artbox.Project, Basel 1.0 - June 2017


Art Basel in Basel will take place from 15th -18th June, 2017. 

Approximately 90,000 visitors are expected to attend and most of these pass through EuroAirport, which is visited by 7.1 million visitors per year. 

From 14th - 18th June, 2017, as part of The Artbox.Project Basel 1.0, my iPhone artwork “Her way” will be shown on-screen on the observation deck of the departure hall of the Euroairport, close to the huge “Luminator” sculpture by Jean Tinguely., who was one of the main representatives of kinetic art.  

All the works of art shown on the large screen will be labelled with the artist’s name and work title. 

I’m excited to be part of this event!

“Art brings people together, transcending borders; this fits well with the primary purpose of EuroAirport, which is to enable travellers from several different countries to meet and cross paths every day.”

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