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The website here2here came into being five years ago. My first blog post was titled “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”, an old Arabic greeting, welcoming guests.

Today I find myself on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, and so “Sawadika” is the Thai word with which I greet you. 

As I look out my window I see that it is very low tide, as this evening will welcome a New Moon.  The rocks normally hidden by water peek out and make themselves known. They remind me of all the activity that goes on in life that is often not seen. 

Here for a three week fast and detox programme I have become aware of much that has being going on in my own body without me being fully aware of it. My experience is very different from the first fast and detox I underwent four years ago.  Into our second week, I am experiencing deep releases and much regeneration. 

There is a sense of much sweeping occurring.

The sweeper.

Before arriving here I also realised that although I have been decluttering in my home, much sweeping was needed in my digital life.  And so I have begun slowly to delete unnecessary or old documents and emails from my laptop. No small task and so I will continue with that when back in Abu Dhabi.  For now, my focus is on bodily well being. 

I have written before about Mindfulness and Balance and The Question of Balance, and balance is surfacing as a recurring theme for me yet again.

Since my last blog, I am happy to share that I was a finalist in the Mira Mobile Prize 2016 Exhibition in Porto, Portugal.  Three of my artworks are currently being shown in the Electron Salon at the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, and next week one of my works will be exhibited on an electronic screen in the reception area of the venue where the Mobile Digital Art and Creativity Summit being run by the Mobile Art Academy in Palo Alto, California, is being held. 

On and off line have now totally merged into one for me and can no longer be viewed separately.  The call to transparency and integrity grows stronger as the here2here world I envisioned five years ago becomes more and more of a reality.